Complete Website Security under one dashboard

Complete websecurity under one dashboard

Stevie’s website security solution is an all-in-one solution built to help you manage website security and prevent malware.

Website Firewall

Protect your website from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 110+ other types of attacks. Just some of the features of our firewall are:

  • 24/7 protection
  • IP and country blocking
  • Protection from 100+ flaws
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • SPAM blocking
  • Brute force attack prevention

Malware Scanner

Malware Scanner

Our machine learning powered malware scanner is available 24/7, just complete a site scan and automatically remove malware from your site.

  • Unlimited scans
  • Automatic and scheduled scans
  • File difference visualisation
  • Automatic malware removal
  • Machine learning powered
  • PDF and email reports

Security Audit

Risky third-party integrations, outdated scripts, software vulnerabilities – these are just some ways your website can be hacked. 99.7% of website’s have at least one vulnerability – our security audit features help you find the holes before the hackers do.

  • OWASP top 10
  • Business logic and payment analysis
  • VAPT security certificate
  • Bugfix assistance and re-scan
  • Static and dynamic code analysis
  • Consultation call

Bug Bounty

With community security from Stevie, ethical hackers guard your website, report vulnerabilities and earn rewards. Get your website tested by a team of ethical hackers before the bad guys find the vulnerabilities in your system.

  • Launch in 4 minutes without coding
  • Leverage ethical hackers in our community
  • Managed by our security experts
  • Self-manage the program
  • Reward hackers
  • Be a security conscious company

Control and manage your website security in just a few clicks. Works with all major CMS platforms.

Just one small loophole is enough to take down your entire site!

Our team of security experts work with you to fix your site in the event of a hacking and reduce the risks before it gets hacked – with just a few clicks.

A hacked site can result in:

  • Site downtime
  • Loss of trust with customers
  • Fines from regulators
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of reputation
website security checklist

Don’t make the hackers work easy!

Having your website hacked can pose huge issues. For example, a compromised e-commerce site can put your customers personal data at risk. For other sites, malware can be added that will place hidden links on your site or even cause redirects of your domain to malicious sites, leading to a damaged reputation and a loss of trust with your users. If you are investing in marketing your business online, investment in security is essential.

Around 75% of WordPress site owners don’t even use the basic security features! Hackers can spot these sites in a heartbeat and will attack them just because it’s easy. Follow these steps in our WordPress Security Checklist and you’ll be making their job a LOT harder.