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Email Encryption Simplified

Large enterprises who may want more control over their security infrastructure can deploy S/MIME certificates to all endpoints.

  • A personal S/MIME certificate issued by global trusted CA.
  • A Secure Email client app, this is an end-user app available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. The app handles the request, installation and configuration of the S/MIME certificate for the mail program of the user. (mostly MS Outlook).
  • LDAP directory service, is a specific service configured as a public Directory Service in which every user of the Secure Email Service will be registered and where the public keys for these users will be stored.
  • A Certificate and Key Management System. The CKMS is needed to securely manage the crypto key pairs and management of the certificates at various endpoints (workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones).
  • The possibility for users of the service to request a level 1 S/MIME certificate for external contacts without additional cost.
  • Automatic enrolment and key roll over so you can access, read, sign and encrypt emails from any device, anywhere, anytime
S/MIME security

For small to medium enterprises, a simple and configurable email encryption gateway unloads the burden of complex everyday IT tasks.

  • Integrates with all major email platforms (e.g. Microsoft, GSuite, Thunderbird).
  • Supports all major encryption techniques (S/MIME, PDF, TLS and PGP).
  • Easy to use central dashboard to manage email policy and users.
  • Set rules to automate encryption and stay compliant with data protection regulations like GDPR.
  • Built in Certificate Authority to issue internal and external certificates from a number of major CAs.
  • The webmail messenger offers encryption even when recipient has no protocols present.