Digital Signatures page

Review and Sign Documents Quickly, Easily & Securely

Digital signing platform & eIDAS approved signatures for a complete online signing workflow.

Digital Signatures

Legally binding e-signatures made easy, signed from anywhere in the world.



Protect corporate documents with automated signing processes.

Remote Signing

Remote Signatures

eIDAS-compliant Qualified Signatures for cross-border legal recognition.

Digital Signature Concept

eIDAS approved QUALIFIED electronic signatures that are ENFORCEABLE in court.

Digital signatures with compliance at its core. We utilise state-of-the-art digital cryptographic signature technology that allows you and your customers to sign documents remotely and securely, with the sound knowledge that you are signing with legally binding, enforceable signatures.

We offer signatures that are qualified according to the EU regulation (eIDAS) and are therefore the legal equivalent of handwritten signatures.

Complete Signing Workflow

Our solution covers your entire signing workflow from digital signature certificates to the signing software itself. Integrate with third-party apps or your own software via our API.

  • Sharepoint
  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Active Directory

Why Choose Stevie?

  • A product that can be used in-house, in-country, or via our cloud service
  • All documents are protected using AES-256 bit encryption
  • It can use EU Qualified certificates, National eIDs, or with high trust certificates with automatic trust in PDF Readers, or other PKIs
  • Supports Qualified Remote Signatures with Level 2 Sole Control
  • All signing evidence and workflow process evidence is made available in
    digitally signed documents.
  • Long-term PDF digital signatures including timestamps are created
  • Supports PDF and PDF/A and Word documents
  • Various user authentication options are supported AD, OAuth, SAMLv2
  • It helps meets data protection and data residency requirements