Technology Solutions

Stevie is a global provider of the best in class, high-end quality cyber security solutions for economic prices.

  • Identity Solutions

    Remote KYC

    Move in the digital age with our remote KYC identity solution. We scan your customer’s ID, let them take a few selfies and our AI based platform will do the rest. Onboard customers in seconds instead of weeks. 

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    Legal Entity Identifiers

    As a Stevie partner, you can offer Legal Entity Identifiers to your customers without the need to be an accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) with all the requisite legal agreements, liability and stringent audits.

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  • Signing Solutions

    Electronic Signatures

    electronic signature

    Create basic, advanced & EU eIDAS qualified electronic signatures.

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    Signing Workflow

    Prepare, review, sign & track documents within business apps, CRM, ERP, ECM.

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    Documents & Devices

    document signing

    Securely & legally prepare, review, sign and track documents from any device.

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  • Security Training

    Website Security

    Stevie’s website security solution is an all-in-one solution built to help you manage website security and prevent malware. The tool includes modules for security audits, a malware scanner, a website firewall and access to our bug bounty community.

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    Awareness Training

    Stevie’s Cyber Security & Awareness Training Software is designed to improve employee’s security knowledge and reduce an organisation’s level of risk.
    The software includes fun and interactive training available in multiple languages to support global teams.

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  • PKI Solutions

    SSL/TLS Certificates

    We offer a wide variety of SSL certificates. Starting from basic Domain Validated SSL certificates all the way to unique premium business EV SSL certificates including extra web security protection in the form of malware and vulnerability scanning.

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    Cert Management

    Discover all certificates within your organisation, issue certificates instantly from prevetted domains and manage the complete certificate live cycle management all centrally from your own 24/7 available CertCentral platform. Cert central is voted the best SaaS certificate management tool.

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    Certificate Automation

    Automate the whole certificate management process within your organisation. We allow you to automatically discover, renew, issue, reissue, enrol and install certificates on endpoints. Ideally for companies within the IoT space or enterprises with a higher amount of certificates.

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    Site Protect Pro

    Premium business OV and EV SSL Certificates containing additionally web security features in form of malware and vulnerability scanning for enhanced protection of your domains.

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    Cloud PKI Services

    Hosted in the cloud, we manage the root certificate, secure the infrastructure and keep up with progressing industry standards, so you don’t have to worry about costly support services. 

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Why Stevie?

Stevie makes cybersecurity easy through interoperability and automation. Our solutions are trusted by customers of all sizes around the globe ranging from small businesses to large corporations and banks. Our team has been shaping the Certificate Authority and SSL world for over 15 years. We use our customer first-philosophy and years of experience to give you the best means of buying industry-leading cybersecurity products for your customers.

European company, European focus:

  • Local language
  • Local currency
  • Local support
  • Local payment methods
  • Local regulation understanding

Experience years of best practice:

  • Mitigate single vendor risk
  • Best of breed technology solutions
  • Design through to deployment
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Direct line for support/sales