Trustcubes’ Services Now Available in France with Appointment of French CEO, Etienne Bertrand

Today, Trustcubes announce that their suite of cyber security ‘cubes’ will now be available to organisations in France. The French division will be headed up the new Trustcubes CEO of France, Etienne Bertrand.

Etienne will bring his knowledge of the French market and French businesses to tailor cyber security solutions and help them meet the challenges of digital transformation, remote working and regulatory compliance.

As part of the European Union, France enjoys the protection of a strong regulatory market driven by the EU. French businesses must navigate regulations like GDPR, eIDAS and more to ensure they can best serve their customers. With coronavirus pushing digital transformation at an ever faster speed, information security solutions such as website security, PKI, digital signing and security awareness training will be top of mind. Trustcubes is best placed to offer a suite of affordable and manageable tools to the common business.

Etienne Bertrand says:

Etienne Bertrand

After 7 years’ experience of selling cyber security solutions to organisations at GlobalSign alongside Johan Bloemen, I am very happy to be working with him again with the launch of Trustcubes France.

During these years, we have built a real collaboration based on trust and transparency. I chose Trustcubes because there are few companies who offer a human and professional approach. With new generation PKI solutions, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), cybersecurity training and more, organisations can feel protected. In this period of confinement due to Covid-19, we are at your side, more than ever, to help you with your problems. It is a formidable challenge that awaits us but one that we will rise up to, together.

Johan Bloemen, CEO of Trustcubes says:

Johan Bloeman

We’re excited to launch Trustcubes France. France adopted a national cyber security strategy which includes informing the public and making digital security a competitive advantage for French businesses. As Trustcubes, our PKI and security awareness solutions are uniquely placed to help French companies with their cyber security needs. To address the French market, it is important that you have a local presence with people who have knowledge about the regional laws and regulations. We found in Etienne Bertrand, the perfect person to lead Trustcubes France. I worked with Etienne before and I was always impressed how reactive he is to his customers.

About Trustcubes:

Trustcubes is a fast growing cyber security provider. Our expertise is focused around technology areas we refer to as Cubes. Cubes are the cyber building blocks needed to create multi-layered security within an Enterprise. Our Cubes include PKI solutions (such as SSL/TLS Certificates), document signing, remote KYC, GRC solutions and mitigating the human risk by security and awareness training.